Hannah Whiteoak's Stories

Okay Donkey Magazine, August 2021

Cambridge Flash Fiction Prize 2021: Shortlisted

Luna Station Quarterly March 2021

Flash Fiction Online February 2021

Winner of Brilliant Flash Fiction's On-the-Spot contest

Shortlisted for Sheffield Short Story Competition 2020

The Sunlight Press 2020

Escape Pod Flash Fiction Contest 2020

On the Premises (Honorable mention) 2020

Reflex Fiction 2020

Banshee 2020

Kurious Arts 2020

File:STS86 Mir Station.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Winner of TSS Microfiction 2019

Winner of OWT Short Fiction 2019

File:Supermarket full of goods.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Asymmetry Fiction 2018

Blank Street Writers 2018

Free picture: rain, wet, window, texture, wall, urban, droplet ...

Runner Up TSS Microfiction 2018

Writing Write Fountain Pen - Free photo on Pixabay

Microfiction Monday Magazine

Bunker Stairs Upward - Free photo on Pixabay

Ellipsis Zine, Four 2018

Magnolia Tree Flowers - Free photo on Pixabay

Reedsy Contest Winner April 2017

Selective Focus Photography of Piano Keys · Free Stock Photo

Reedsy Contest Winner June 2017

Lit Up 2018

Fifty Word Stories