Publication: Red Flag

15th June 2020

I'd like to thank 101 Words for publishing my microfiction Red Flag.

This story was shortlisted for Quarantine Quanta. Thank you to organiser Maura Yzmore for suggesting 101 Words as a suitable publication venue.

Escape Pod Flash Fiction - 3rd Place

12th June 2020

My 500-word story The Day The Sun Went Out achieved joint third place in the 2020 Escape Pod flash fiction contest. Listen out for the story on an upcoming episode of the podcast (probably around September).

This story is a spin-off from Behind the Sky, the post-apocalyptic novel I'm currently working on. Sign up to my mailing list and I'll let you know when I eventually finish and publish it. I don't have a regular newsletter, so you won't be inundated with emails.

Publication: Not Ready

1st April 2020

Thank you to Fifty Word Stories for publishing another of my fifty-word stories, Not Ready.

This micro is a linked story with Side Effects, which was published in February.

Writer's Domain Love Poem Contest 2020 - Runner Up

25th Feb 2020

I don't write many poems, so it was a fantastic surprise to hear that Blue Jeans won the 2020 Writer's Domain Love Poem Contest.

Writer's Domain is a content creation platform that I've worked for as a freelance writer for several years. Several times a year, they run creative writing contests on their blog.

I wrote Blue Jeans during the creative writing group at Sheffield Central Library. Run by Claire Walker, this group is always a great source of inspiration.